It has been some time since my last post. While the time was productive (I submitted a major grant proposal and made major headway on another grant, and was able to publish an Op-Ed I co-authored with a colleague), the conference paper turned-chapter-turned-article has been sitting idly by. The semester ended, a consuming (in a good way) faculty conference followed, and I am leaving for China and then Mexico within the next two weeks. Thankfully, I decided to postpone the major grant submission to the next funding cycle –I need to get his article submitted soon, and I’m hoping that with this article submission will come the time to spend on the next few chapters.

It will be interesting to work on my book while in the field, but I’m starting to feel more eagerness and less trepidation. The new project I’m trying to get off the work may take a while to get going, and I’m taking that time as an invaluable opportunity to focus on the book. With three articles submitted this year, I feel better about dedicating the rest of the year to my other book chapters.

More on this as it develops. Wish me luck!


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