Happy Monday!

Starting a new system today: Mondays are officially “Blogging, work-from-home, grant-writing days.” Let’s see how it works.

So far, I can’t complain about my productivity. I submitted my article (finally!) and got another chunk of sound transcribed. This week, I would like to really dive into the transcription thing, and I’m hoping to have at least one interview done, hopefully two, by Friday. In the meantime, my colleague and I are working on an Op-Ed together which we will probably send along to our university’s press people today. It’s exciting and fun, even if it doesn’t “count” for tenure. Of course, that means I don’t have a lot of time to spend on it.

Today is further complicated by the fact that I am reading and commenting on a student’s thesis chapters, which is a time consuming endeavor. So, I will this post brief. At least I have blogged for the week, which I wanted to do, and I have closed my facebook window.

BTW, yes, not going on social media does help my productivity.

My goals this week:

  • Write Spanish version of my IRB proposal for the summer’s field work.
  • Write themes for the ten sessions we’re designing.
  • Finish grant application for Endangered Languages Fund.
  • Transcribe 1.5 interviews
  • Begin Grant application.

Wish me luck…


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