Sunday, February 3rd

So, in Perfect Land, I will have a chapter done by the end of the month. The toughest work on the article is done, a draft is complete that will hopefully not be a huge time-suck to revise, and I can now turn my full attention back to the book. I have the chapter I’m working on, and I’m optimistic that, even if I don’t have a full draft done by the end of the month, I will be pretty close.

So far, the biggest challenge I’ve identified this month is staying engaged with two writing projects at once. I realize that in order to stay productive, I HAVE to do it. I HAVE to have multiple works going at once. But I had a remarkably difficult time just putting darn thing down once I got going. A colleague suggested devoting specific days to specific works, rather than specific hours in the day. I definitely want to devote one day to grant-writing going forward, so I’ll maybe give his suggestion a try.

In terms of the book project, I have definitely encountered moments when I have felt overwhelmed by its enormity. I think that focusing more fully on drafting as freethinking exercise, tempered with following leads into the literature, will help make the project feel more manageable. I just need to keep putting words on the page.

Last week was insane, which is why today, Sunday, I published Friday’s post as well as today’s. I’m hoping this won’t happen again. Having a cumulative evaluation, an important committee meeting, and a faculty meeting all converge on Friday made the day difficult.

Sigh… this week hasn’t even started and I’m already tired…



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