Monday, January 21

Yes, I realize it’s not Sunday, but this was a holiday weekend and I’m fighting off some kind of bug, so I gave myself permission to post today instead of yesterday. Something I like about posting at the end and the beginning of each week, and taking the weekend off, is that it gives me the opportunity to assess my progress and see my writing in a new way. I came out of last week feeling exhausted and surprised. It’s funny to call the feeling “surprise,” because it happens just about every time I find “it.”

“It” is that feeling when everything clicks. When I’m looking at my writing and I feel what I have to say, floating just out of reach, out of words. I know what I’m thinking is significant, I know that the idea is there, but I can spin my wheels as much as I want and I just can’t move forward. “It” is when it comes together, somewhere between reading the literature, looking at my data, and writing paragraph after paragraph of crap. I think as I write, so I have to write all the crap before I find “it.” And when I do, it all clicks. It all makes sense and the idea appears on my screen and all of the sudden I look up and two hours have elapsed.

“It” happened this week. It all came together, and when the day ended on Friday, I was almost literally breathless. I felt like I was emerging from a pool of ideas where I had been swimming for days. Now, the delight of “it” clicking has to meet the reality that I still have some writing to do. The complete first draft is right within my reach, with a feasible reality of completion this week.

The key now is not to let it take over. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to writing the manuscript, I’m scheduling one hour for the manuscript several days this week. The key is that I have to stick to it. Hopefully this blog will help me not get swept away by the euphoria of a writing project that is coming together.

These are my goals this week:

For the week of 1/21-1/25

Book Manuscript Article
Continue drafting chapter at scheduled times. Finish article draft!!!!

I’m trying to be realistic about the book manuscript goals, which is why I revised the goals I spelled out on Friday. Finishing the article draft is realistic, but will take most of my attention. I would rather commit to something I can stick to, rather than over-commit and not reach my goals.

Happy writing J….


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