Sunday, January 13

Happy Sunday! I’m starting to see the usefulness of sitting down at the beginning of the week to plan out the next few days. I hope to see continued productivity as we begin the third week of 2013.

My first attempt with scheduling was moderately successful. While I would never expect myself to follow a schedule 100% to the “T,” I do think that this schedule was conducive to my productivity. This week, I will not be posting my hour-by-hour schedule online (that would be creepy), but I will write about what I’m doing differently:

  • Scheduled three additional hours for my class.
  • Scheduled more hours for the article manuscript and fewer for the book. My rationale for this is that I would like to submit this article by the end of the month, and as long as I am making some progress on the book manuscript (at least 15 mins a day), I should focus my energies on the article for now.

In terms of my writing itself, I would like to use the chat rooms more frequently, as working with the :50 minute chat and a timer helped me block my time and increase my productivity.

There is something in my schedule I didn’t change, that I’m worried about. I still have my day starting by dropping off my son at 8:30. I had a very, very difficult time sticking with this last week, and I’m worried about sticking with it in the coming week. The problem is that if I want to continue swimming (which I do), I have to be able to start my day early. So I’m going to try again. Hopefully, pre-setting the coffee pot and having my lunch ready to go the night before will help me get out the door when I need to.

The other question mark is my spouse’s schedule, as he may be starting an internship as early as this coming week that will throw our schedule into complete disarray. Either way what that will probably mean for me will be starting my day earlier.

My goals for the week of 1/14-1/18





  • Write a chapter outline.
  • Continue drafting chapter.
  • Code
  • Research


  • Begin writing analytical framework.
  • Continue drafting.
  • First completion deadline: 1/18 (submit preliminary draft to colleague for review).


There is one goal listed here that I fear may be overly ambitious: I have a preliminary completion deadline for the article of 1/18, because a colleague familiar with CDA, which I am using for the first time, agreed to read a draft and give me comments. I would like to get the article to her as soon as possible so that I can revise and submit by end of the month, but I’m not sure there is any way the article will be complete by the end of the week. I made substantial progress on Friday, that I am hoping will continue tomorrow, but I am concerned that I am biting off more than I can chew.

Then again, I haven’t really pushed myself.

Stay tuned….


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