Scheduling vs. Reality

This week has been moderately successful. I can honestly say that I achieved the following:




  • I chose a chapter to work on.
  • I started drafting the chapter.
  • I coded.

  • I wrote a statement of argument
  • I coded
  • I reverse outlined the chapter that is forming the basis of the article.
  • I wrote a new outline for the article.


I did not achieve the following:




  • Write a chapter outline.
  •  Complete the new analytical framework.


I also did not stick with my schedule as well as I would have liked. My first challenge was simply getting started as early as I wanted to: It was hard for me to get myself and my child ready and out the door as early as I would have liked, which meant that my day started later than I wanted it to. Days where I intended to code I found myself drafting, hours where I had scheduled myself to draft got swallowed up by my online class. As I prepare my schedule for next week, I definitely need to schedule more time for my online teaching responsibilities.


I would like to make use of a cool resource as well. is an online forum for people who are struggling to finish their dissertations or other writing projects. Among their many offerings, they have chat rooms where people can meet and check in with each other every specified period of time. So when I log into the “50” group, we check in with each other on the :50, chat for ten minutes about what we’ve accomplished, and then get back to work. I only used the tool one day this week, but when I did I found it to be tremendously useful. I am going to make it a goal to use the tool more next week.


I also am trying to figure out a way to finish the article I’m working on without sacrificing valuable time that I should be devoting to the manuscript. I have an annual evaluation coming up, and listing the article as “submitted” would be a positive mark on my CV, so I am especially incentivized to work on it right now. Perhaps in next week’s schedule, I will give myself more time to devote to the article.

Next week, my goals will be:




  • Write a chapter outline.
  • Continue drafting chapter.
  • Code
  • Research

  • Begin writing analytical framework.
  • Continue drafting.
  • First completion deadline:1/18 (submit preliminary draft to colleague for review).



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