Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekly Schedule

It seems that a good way for me to use this blog to organize and track my writing progress is to post once at the beginning of the week, outlining my goals, and once at the end, reflecting on the progress. Last week, despite its brevity, was fairly productive. Classes start this coming week, which means that things are going to get busy and my responsibilities will become more diverse in terms of teaching, advising, and administrative work. Last week, I used to write in 50-minute increments, with some success (more on this in my Friday post). This makes me think that careful scheduling will be key to a productive week. My biggest fear is not being able to stick to it (hence why I talked about flexibility and kept things very unstructured last week). Now, though, I’m thinking that if I don’t make an effort to schedule the hours of my day, one activity will flow into another and I will wind up falling behind and feeling overwhelmed. So, this week, my schedule looks like this:


Day 8:30-10 10-11 11-12 12-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5
  • Drop off child
  • Faculty Meeting
Transcribe and/or code Transcribe and/or code
  • Log into online class
  • Email
  • Facebook
Manuscript Manuscript Class prep Class prepPick up child
  • Drop off child
  • Swim
  • Email
Article Article Log into online classMeet w/ TA OH OH Teach TeachPick up child
  • Drop off child
  • Swim
  • Email
Manuscript Manuscript Log into online class Online class work (or manuscript) Transcribe/code Transcribe/code Pick up child
  • Drop off child
  • Email
Grant-writing Grant-writing Lunch w/ colleagues Article OH Manuscript Pick up child
  • Drop off child
  • Swim
  • Email
Writing group Writing group Log into online class Transcribe/code Transcribe/code Exec. Committee meeting Pick up child

Looking at this, I realize that I don’t have as much time as I thought. I think I will try to time myself while I work and work ten-minute breaks into my routine. This week, I can’t swim on Monday because of a faculty meeting. I’ve tentatively scheduled it for Tuesday, though I recognize even now that committing to physical activity is harder than committing to write for me. This schedule does a nice job of breaking things down, though, and will hopefully help me maintain productivity in the coming week. At the end of the week, I’ll have a better sense of whether this is realistic or sustainable, and decide whether I will continue to schedule myself in this way.


Happy writing!!!

Goals for the Week of 1/7-1/11

Book Manuscript Article
  • Choose a chapter to start working on.
  • Develop a chapter outline.
  • Begin drafting chapter.
  • Transcribe & Code
  • Continue working on analytical framework.
  • Write Statement of Argument.
  • Finalize coding and run analysis.
  • Create a reverse outline.

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