Getting started

I have to admit that until a few months ago, my eyes would glaze over whenever I heard the word “blogosphere” or “blogging.” I just didn’t get it. I stumbled on an academic blog, however, and began to realize that blogging holds tremendous potential. With the tenure clock ticking and my hours of field recordings, pages of field notes, and the knowledge that in cultural Anthropology a book is the cornerstone of many successful careers, I’ve decided to spend 2013 writing a book manuscript. I would like to have enough done by November to peddle it around at our annual meetings, and hopefully submit proposals by the end of the year.

One day, as I thought about the terrifying, daunting task of writing an academic book, I glanced at the Most Useful Book Ever Published, Wendy Belcher’s workbook, Writing your Journal Article in 12 Weeks. For the last year, this book has been a sort of Bible for me –it has successfully guided me to publishing two (as of right now) articles and continues to be useful as I write and submit others. The thought went onto my facebook status as quickly as it occurred to me: “I wish Wendy Belcher would write an workbook called Writing your Academic Book in 12 Months.

Of course, that book does not exist (nor will it, in the coming years –I asked). So I was left looking at this amazing work, thinking, “I bet I can find a way to use the workbook to write my book!” and then it hit me: I probably am not the first person in the world to think this. So, why not blog about it?

There you have it, the inspiration for this blog. Now, it’s only December, and I have other daunting tasks on my plate (grades, submitting articles I actually have written, the holidays…), but there you have it. Coming in January, the journey begins….




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